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Season 1

The Beat podcast - season 1 trailer, featuring host Caroline Lavallée


The Beat, hosted by Caroline Lavallée,  bridges cutting-edge science with the realities of living with heart disease and stroke. Listen to stay informed, get inspired and rediscover hope. (1:33)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 1, featuring heart failure survivor Kevin Lobo

Episode 1: How to heal a failing heart

Each year, 100,000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure. Learn what it means to live with heart failure, and how researchers are racing to save lives. (22:55)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 2, featuring Karen Narraway, a woman living with heart disease

Episode 2: We can save more women

In Canada, the number one cause of premature death in women is heart disease and stroke. Learn how research holds the key to changing this. (25:46)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 3, featuring Debbie Benczkowski, a caregiver

Episode 3: The sacrifice and satisfaction of family caregiving

To meet the needs of a loved one living with heart disease or stroke, it’s critical to take care of yourself too. Hear from caregivers and an expert on the realities and how to find balance.  (25:36)

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A man does CPR on another man lying on the ground.

Episode 4: When a heart stops, you can help

When someone collapses in cardiac arrest, their best chance of survival comes from the closest person. (20:26)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 5, featuring Family physician Dr. Rahul Jain.

Episode 5: Heart disease: Expert answers to common questions

Heart disease can affect anyone of any age, gender, lifestyle or background. Get the facts on how to protect yourself. (20:47)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 6, featuring heart disease survivor Paul King

Episode 6: The pandemic’s impact on heart and stroke care

As hospitals and healthcare providers shifted their focus to COVID-19, what have been the consequences for people living with heart disease and stroke? (23:44)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 7, featuring stroke survivor Kathy Isaac

Episode 7: Heart disease, stroke and your mental health

After a heart attack or stroke, many people experience depression, anxiety and other serious mental health impacts. Learn what it feels like and how to manage these challenges. (22:32)

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The Beat podcast - season 1, episode 8, featuring Dr. Patty Lindsay

Episode 8: Stroke explained

Recent breakthroughs have dramatically improved outcomes from stroke. But how much do you know about stroke? Get the facts on signs, risk factors, treatment and recovery. (24:24)

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The Beat podcast – Bonus French episode with host Caroline Lavallée

Bonus French episode: Ensemble, combattons pour sauver plus de femmes

Les maladies du cœur et l’AVC sont la première cause de décès prématuré chez les femmes au pays. Apprenez comment la recherche et la prévention peuvent changer les choses. (38:08) 

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Meet our host

Caroline Lavallée

Caroline Lavallée, Heart & Stroke volunteer and board member

Caroline is a communications strategist and a volunteer spokesperson and board member for Heart & Stroke. She co-chairs the National Committee for Women’s Heart and Brain Health. Learn more about Caroline and her journey with heart disease.

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