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Stroke recovery

A family guide to pediatric stroke (36 pages)

For families of children who have had a stroke. Developed by stroke professionals and families. Covers basic stroke information and immediate care and recovery information. (PDF only)

Post-stroke checklist pad (50 checklists/pad)

Two-page printable checklist. For healthcare providers, patients and family members to ensure all important topics are addressed during follow-up healthcare visits.

Stroke in young adults: A resource for patients and families (64 pages)

For young adults, their families and caregivers. Intended to complement other stroke resources. (PDF only)

TIA factsheet

Covers the causes of TIA, and how to manage your risk factors.

Your stroke journey: A guide for people living with stroke (120 pages)

A comprehensive book to help you and your family understand stroke and the recovery process.

Heart disease recovery

Living with heart failure (80 pages)

A set of factsheets on the most important things you need to know about managing heart failure.

When to consider Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) deactivation (8 pages) 

A guide for patients and family. This booklet will help answer questions about deactivating the shock function of an ICD. (PDF only)

Emergency signs / CPR

FAST stroke signs and heart attack signs bookmark

Keep this bookmark handy. Covers FAST signs of stroke and heart attack signs.

FAST stroke signs poster (11”x17”)

Print and hang it in your offices, hallways, waiting rooms, community centres and churches. (PDF only)

Hands-only CPR postcard

Learn hands-only CPR in 3 steps. (PDF only)

Hands-only CPR poster

Print and hang it in your offices, hallways, waiting rooms, community centres and churches. (PDF only)

 Heart attack emergency checklist

Two-page printable PDF. Includes the signs of a heart attack and a place to record emergency contacts and existing medical conditions. (PDF only)

Stroke emergency checklist

One-page printable PDF. Includes the signs of stroke and a place to record emergency contacts and existing medical conditions. (PDF only)

Prevention (Risk factors)

 Are you at risk for heart disease or stroke? (20 pages)

Covers major risk factors for heart disease and stroke and how to prevent or manage them. .

Blood pressure record wallet card

To track of your blood pressure readings and share with your healthcare provider. Also outlines how to take blood pressure readings properly. (PDF only)

Managing your blood pressure (20 pages)

For people diagnosed with or at increased risk for high blood pressure. Covers medications, devices to monitor blood pressure and answers questions people commonly asked.

How to manage your cholesterol (16 pages)

Helps you understand, prevent and manage high cholesterol.

Talking to your doctor 

Two-page printable PDF. Get tips about talking to your doctor about preventing heart disease. (PDF only)


Prevention (Healthy living)

100 Healthy things you can do in minutes (30 pages)

Provides 100 easy, actionable tips, including recipes and links to resources to help you live healthy. (PDF only)

Prevention (Promotion)

Community of survivors and caregivers postcard

For handout to the public. Provides two ways to connect with survivors through Facebook and e-Registry. 


Health resources flyer

For handout to the public. Outlines free health resources to help prevent heart disease and stroke and support recovery.


Heart failure zones (Traditional Chinese)

Outlines the symptoms of heart failure and find the best response to stay in balance. (PDF only)

Understanding heart failure (4 pages) (Traditional Chinese)

Provides heart failure information and how to manage it. (PDF only)

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